The Ascender Foundational Seminar will cover the interdisciplinary course curriculum design for gateway courses, holistic advising, and student engagement. Given the current circumstances due to COVID-19, it will be blend asynchronous and synchronous delivery of the course to model best practices in hybrid delivery. The majority of the content should be asynchronous and accessible as “modules” or units of content (like an online course).

Live conversation/dialogue is also a valuable part of any event, so CTN will offer consecutive 1hour-ish webinars that started on May 21, May 27, and will continue June 18, and July 17. On July 27th, CTN will be conducting three Q&A practitioner panels via webinar addressing the following topics: Curriculum and Instruction, Mentoring/Student Engagement, and Advising. The final webinar will be on August 14th.

Additionally, CTN will be incorporating guidance and adaptations for technology in the delivery/implementation of our Ascender framework.

Topics within the asynchronous content will include: designing inclusive syllabi, incorporating reflective writing and metacognition, active learning in digital spaces, digital equity, open pedagogy, recruitment strategies, tracking and monitoring student progress, and student engagement. CTN also plans to incorporate guest speakers from its scholar mentor network to speak to issues facing students and instructors in the wake of COVID-19 and how this has necessarily changed its pedagogical approach and professional development. In particular, CTN will look at the retention of students in the era of COVID-19 and recruitment of new students in the fall under the post-COVID-19.

All who are planning to attend MUST register. Only those people registered will be able to access the Webinar links and materials. To Register for the Ascender Foundational Seminar, go to:


 Overview of Course Credit:

In partnership with the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy at The University of Texas at Austin - University Extension, Catch the Next, Inc.,  provides a sequence of seminars to  faculty and staff at colleges across the state of Texas wishing to bridge the gap between policy- theory, and practice by implementing  CTN’s Ascender Framework for Student and Faculty Advancement. The seminars give faculty the opportunity to engage in experiential learning opportunities focused on student success for diverse populations. The courses are offered in the summer, fall, and spring semesters. Students may enroll either for college credit or on a non-credit basis. 


This Ascender Foundational Seminar: ELP 395K – Community College Programs – Summer 2020, provides the option to participants to earn 3 graduate credits through University of Texas - Department of Educational Leadership and Policy.

The cost for the seminar is $510.00 To register with UT for the course: Click Here.

 Enrollment Eligibility Requirements

Students enrolling in the credit option for Fall 2020 must submit an Official Transcript verifying their baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university to the address listed below no later than May 30, 2020. Students will be changed to a non-credit status if they do not submit evidence of their undergraduate degree by this date and will receive no refund. 

 Catch the Next’s Professional Development is based on the premise that as faculty further their education and training, so too will their students thrive and succeed. While they have always encouraged our participants to pursue their educational goals, the complete restructuring of developmental education in Texas has made this work imperative. Many faculty are now required to earn additional graduate credits, attend supplemental training or, indeed, earn additional advanced degrees in order to continue teaching in their disciplines or to transition into other academic fields. Offering this coursework has already given many the validation and motivation to continue on in their studies and has helped them strengthen their professional development portfolios at our partner institutions.

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