ACC Student, Carr, Believes CTN

Offers Strong Foundation

By Intern Grant Loveless


Catch the Next is an organization that unites students from various campuses and colleges in Texas to encourage, empower, and allow students to evolve in their educational and professional aspirations and goals. One student in particular has shown passion for students and pushes them to create more opportunities and pathways through Catch the Next and the Ascender Program.

Alexis Carr is an Austin Community College student who is majoring in psychology and planning to transfer to The University of Texas at Austin or Texas State University. At ACC, Carr was inspired to be a part of Catch the Next because she wanted to develop a relationship among her peers and professors so that her journey through college would be good experience to remember. Carr was introduced to the Catch the Next program through Laura Garcia, a former advisor of the Catch the Next program. The Ascender Program provided Carr with a sense of community and family. Her mentor, Lauren Thomas, always gave her beneficial information that helped her understand her passions. “Also, the year-round professors, who continually motivated and ensured that Catch the Next students understood and succeeded in the classroom and the ongoing peer relationships that let you know you weren’t alone were sources of motivation and guided me to the path that I needed to be on today,” Carr said.   

She added that the Ascender Program changed her as African-American woman and student because she was exposed to a different culture. She strongly believes that learning and immersing yourself, as a minority student, in new environments unlike your own are essential in breaking cultural barriers. Now she is more knowledgeable and has grown a greater appreciation for the Latinx culture. Carr feels the Ascender Program uplifts minorities because it helps to close the racial gap in college graduation rates by allowing students to jump in the first year of college with a strong foundation filled with resources, opportunities, and support to ensure personal growth and academic success. Because diversity and inclusion are of importance at ACC, students need to include themselves and become more active in a divergent environment. This allows students to expand beyond any preconceived notions they may have about an idea or a subject while opening their mind to a world of new perspectives.

Carr contributes to Catch the Next by advocating for the Ascender Program and by informing prospective ACC students about Catch the Next.


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